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Victory for Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty and Librarians!

It is our pleasure to announce that our ballots have been counted and we have voted YES to form a union of regular faculty and librarians at St. Martin’s University! An overwhelming majority voted yes with 46 yes votes (72% of votes cast and a majority of all eligible votes)!

We are excited to join our adjunct and contingent faculty colleagues who voted to unionize last spring. Legal regulations mandated that we had to file for our unions separately, but we plan to build our unions together as one. One faculty. One union.

The fight doesn’t end here however, because we know we have to fight for recognition. Like our contingent colleagues, we are going to have to force this administration to come to the bargaining table to recognize our union and to start treating us in a fair, just, and Benedictine manner. We are continuing to offer the administration every opportunity to the do the right thing. We have tried to initiate direct communications with President Heynderickx many times over the past year and a half, up to and including today, but our efforts have been met with silence or rejection. Walkouts, rallies, and direct communications haven’t been enough. What will it take?


#CampusResistance Success!

Thank you to everyone who turned out for our day-long walkout! We are the top story in Thursday’s Olympian. Read the article here!

Our day-long walkout was a resounding success. A majority of classes were canceled and classrooms around the campus were empty. Faculty and students participated in rallies, marches, panels, and off campus actions. We called on president Heynderickx to follow the labor laws of our country, follow the teachings of his church, uphold the Benedictine values his school preaches, and come bargain with our union in good faith.

The most moving part of the day’s action was the lunch panel of women faculty who each gave emotional personal testimony of the ways they’ve been disrespected, ignored, and unprofessionally treated on campus. The crowded lecture hall went between tears and standing ovations for their courage to speak out. Several faculty and students shared afterward that it was the most powerful moment that they have ever experienced in their years at Saint Martin’s.

In the afternoon, after an off-campus march, delegations of faculty and students traveling in vans visited the workplaces of over a dozen members of the Board of Trustees and delivered letters calling on them to adhere to the law, recognize our union, and come to the bargaining table. We followed up the visits with phone calls to their businesses asking them to use their influence to bring President Heynderickx to the bargaining table with faculty.

Karen Hart, the president of SEIU Local 925 and Heather Conroy, the Executive Vice President for SEIU, both came to speak at our morning rally and gave us encouragement from the National Day of Labor Action events for adjuncts in higher education happening all over the country. Members of 1199NW and the United Faculty of Evergreen State College, who know the benefits that a union can bring to both employees and the institution they serve, also turned out in solidarity.

SMU 1 DAY WALKOUT, March 1st!

RSVP for the walkout here and get walkout updates here!


Check out the St. Martin’s Faculty Video!

Click here to watch the short video the St. Martin’s University faculty union made about the history of their union efforts.




It’s been two months since Seattle University announced its refusal to bargain with the adjunct and contingent faculty union certified by the National Labor Relations Board. The announcement was exasperating after years of delay tactics, but not surprising.

A group of us have decided to call out the Seattle University Administration by filing a “missing values report.” That’s right. We are declaring that the social justice mission is missing.

Hundreds of faculty, staff, and students are coming together for a search party at 12:30 – 1:30 PM on Tuesday, November 29th in the Lemieux Library Plaza. We aren’t going to win our union if we don’t come together and fight. That means that you have to take action with us.

Let us know if you can join us by RSVP’ing here!

The student group Reignite the Mission has also made a Facebook event you can join here!

See you on the 29th.

*Shout out to SU student Rose Lassalle-Klein for the awesome flyer artwork!!

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