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All members pay union dues relative to their annual salary. If your annual salary is $30,000 or less, your dues are $10/month or $120/year. Choose your annual salary below to become a member.

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Who is the SEIU Local 925 Higher Education Faculty Chapter?

We are an organization of faculty across Washington State who are committed to quality education for all students, affordable access to higher education, and fairness for all faculty. We believe we can steer higher education in the right direction if we collectively organize together. We hope you’ll join us in preserving the mission of higher education!

Why Become A Member?

Once considered middle class employment, many university faculty now work part-time for low pay and little job security, few benefits or even office space. Students are increasingly saddled with crushing debt that could take a lifetime to pay off. Parents struggle to stay afloat in the face of skyrocketing tuition bills. Many universities, and their corporate Boards of Trustees, are shifting investment away from educators and affordable higher education in favor of a burgeoning class of administrators, expensive sports programs and extravagant student services.

This crisis in higher education has given rise to dozens of faculty organizing campaigns across the country which are forcing an unprecedented national discussion over the “adjunctification” and corporatization of higher education, and what it means for faculty, students and society as a whole. In Washington State, faculty organizing with SEIU Local 925 have lead the way in that national movement.

What Does “Becoming A Member” mean?

When you join as a member of our Faculty Chapter, you will be supporting the faculty movement with a financial contribution. You will have access to union resources to organize around issues that matter to you and your colleagues on your campus. You will also enjoy exclusive member benefits like discounts on cell phone bills, entertainment and travel, and insurance.

In addition, you’ll automatically become a member of the Faculty Forward Network, a national organization that brings full and part-time faculty together to confront the crisis in higher education. The Faculty Forward Network also offers a growing list of exclusive member benefits.

All members pay union dues relative to their annual salary. If your annual salary is $30,000 or less, your dues are $10/month or $120/year.