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Washington Faculty Forward invites you to join us for a lecturer symposium at the University of Washington Tacoma’s Philip Hall on Saturday, 11/19/16. We will spend an afternoon discussing the experiences and issues of contingent faculty at the University of Washington and throughout the Puget Sound, how existing attempts to fix issues don’t go far enough and how we can collectively work through unionizing to improve lecturer conditions!


Keynote by SEIU Local 500’s Dr. Anne McLeer – Dr. McLeer was one of the first rank-and-file adjunct lecturer organizers in Washington, D.C., where contingent faculty at Georgetown, George Washington, American University and several other private nonprofit campuses have won union contracts with SEIU Local 500. She will be speaking about their experiences and taking questions.

UW lecturer survey results – This summer, over 250 part and full-time UW lecturers completed surveys about their experiences at the university. We will be presenting our analysis of the results and discussing issues such as seniority, job security, informal work expectations, transparency and other topics, highlighting differences between campuses, job classes and departments. For participants outside of the UW, this discussion could be helpful for formulating strategies on how to replicate a similar survey and study at your schools.

Getting to bargaining at Saint Martin’s University and Seattle University – Contingent faculty at Saint Martin’s University and Seattle University both recently won union elections and now have the right to bargain with their employers. But Saint Martin’s and Seattle University’s administrations are continuing to obstruct the effort. Lecturer leaders from both campuses will discuss working together on strategies and tactics to get to bargaining.

Breakouts – Lecturers from all three UW campuses, along with Seattle University and Saint Martin’s University, will lead breakout groups discussing lecturer issues and organizing. We will cover issues such as part-time faculty organizing, professionalization in a world of disappearing tenure, shared governance and unionization, and getting to our first contracts at Seattle University and Saint Martin’s.


Support our Classrooms, Not Courtroom Fights

We are writing each of the Seattle University Board of Trustees and Board of Regents members, asking them to recognize the newly certified contingent faculty union with SEIU Local 925. Their three-year fight against the union demonstrates the university’s dedication to a costly, irresponsible anti-union campaign that comes at the expense of teaching and instruction.

The true costs of unsuccessful legal appeals and anti-union consultants are most significantly felt by faculty and students in our classrooms. Every dollar spent obstructing faculty union rights is a dollar that should have gone directly to our classrooms. The administration’s continued obstruction of faculty unionization reveals a dedication to financial irresponsibility rather than student learning. It is the duty of the Board of Trustees/Regents, to preserve the university’s academic, financial, and moral health by directing the administration to recognize the contingent faculty union.

Please join us in urging the Seattle Administration Board of Regents and Board of Trustees to recognize the contingent faculty union and prepare to bargain with them in good faith by clicking here!

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