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News coverage on Seattle University union election vote count and victory

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With votes finally counted, Seattle U adjuncts approve union

2 Years After Casting Ballots, Seattle University Adjunct Faculty Choose Union

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Seattle University Adjunct Faculty Finally Form a Union

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Seattle U Adjuncts Vote to Form Union

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NLRB Confirms Count: Seattle U Non-Tenured Faculty to Unionize

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Two years later, Seattle Univ. adjuncts vote: Union YES!

Seattle U Adjunct and Contingent Faculty Win Union Election!


Congratulations Seattle University Adjunct and Contingent Faculty!

It is our pleasure to announce that after years of organizing, we have voted YES to form a union at Seattle University!

The administration entered the vote count hoping to stop us from winning by challenging 15 ballots, claiming that faculty who taught courses including “Postcolonial Literature,” “Ecopsychology” and “Ethical Reasoning in Business” were teaching courses of such a religious character that the faculty who taught them needed to be excluded. Despite those ballots being challenged, we still won with the final count being 73 Yes to 63 no.

This is a major victory after a long, hard battle. Looking forward, we will continue to organizing together to ensure that our new union is strong and that all of our voices are heard. We also hope that the SU administration will respect the results of our vote and commit to sit down with us in bargaining our first contract.

Seattle University Adjunct and Contingent Faculty to Count Union Election Votes that Were Impounded Two Years Ago

vote count!

Despite continued obstructions from Seattle University (SU) administration, SU adjunct and contingent faculty will finally have the opportunity to count the votes they cast in a 2014 National Labor Relations Board election.

SU adjunct and contingent faculty cast ballots in a union election administered by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in 2014. However, the SU administration argued they were religiously exempt from NLRB and the ballots were impounded, pending a decision from the NLRB. An NLRB ruling on August 23, 2016, upheld NLRB jurisdiction over contingent and adjunct faculty at SU but excluded faculty in the School of Theology and Ministry and in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies. The ballots of the remaining voters can now be counted.

Seattle University adjunct and contingent faculty began forming a union in 2013 in order to win fair pay, better job security, and a stronger voice on campus. SU faculty are joining thousands of non-tenure track faculty in a nationwide, rapidly growing movement to protect their profession from the increasing corporatization of higher education.


If you would like to read more about the decision, you can read the ruling here: https://www.nlrb.gov/cases-decisions/board-decisions

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